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For the last few months a team of talented people under the guiding hand of Mike Maslen of Halo Records UK has been locked away in a converted barn in the Yorkshire countryside owned by the Grammy nominated English musician John Parr best known for his 1985 US number one hit single ‘St Elmo’s Fire’ and for his 1984 single ‘Naughty Naughty’.
The team has been working on a project that will bring La La( Dolores) Brooks the one-time lead singer for the highly successful 60s American girl group the Crystals to the UK to work on two singles backed by three local talented Yorkshire girls. The Crystals an American vocal group from New York were considered one of the defining acts of the girl group era in the first part of the 1960s. The Crystals one of the most prominent groups during a historic defining era that saw the assassination of JF Kennedy, The Vietnam War, Martin Luther King, Cuban Missile Crisis, death of Marilyn Monroe and of course from the UK's North the Fab
Four the Beatles.
Why the UK's North and why three vocalists from that part of the world? The UK's North has had a long history of producing talented rock musicians many of the industries greatest inspirers have come from this region including one of the most successful groups of all time the Beatles. Today the region can boast being the birth place of such successful artists as, Joe Cocker and the Grease Band (Chris Stainton Shefield); Def Lepard (Sheffield) genres Hard Rock, Heavy metal, Glam Metal; Jarvis Cocker front man for Pulp (Sheffield); Artic Monkeys first download single release in history no hard copy/CD it made NO1, winners of Brit awards Best British Group and Best Album three times; Marmozets rock band from West Yorkshire, Nominated Best British newcomer have sold 10 million records worldwide, and 1981 hit version of ‘Tainted Love’, Tasmin Archer born in Bradford Brit award 1993 Her first album ‘Great Expectations’ was the prelude to the UK and Ireland number one hit ‘Sleeping Satellite’. Also the North's contribution to modern trends Grime/Rap/Hip Hop; Psychosis, Holochaust are good examples of the Sheffield club scene and the North's financial contribution to the UK's economy. Don’t forget John Parr you can see where this is going. This line could go on and on the region has inspired and produced some of the most talented musicians in the world and made an enormous contribution to the Economy of the UK.
The project is intended to be an introduction to a series that offers aspiring young musicians in the UK the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the greats of yesteryear hopefully continuing the tradition of great contemporary music being created in the British isles.
There are essentially two main products being produced by the team:

2 singles released with La La (Dolores Brooks) and the 3 Talented Yorkshire girls selected for the project in a re-creation of the Crystals line up from the 1960s’.

An initial 40 min documentary film covering the history of the Crystals the life of La La (Dolores) Brookes the historic era and how it relates to the development of music in the Midlands a simile, the background to the girls who will back La La on the 3 singles. The initial documentary will follow the release of the first single and follow La La and the girls as they promote the music. There is hope that the first documentary will precursor a series following the release of the next two singles

The Team:

  La La (Dolores) Brooks
  Mike Maslen Halo Records UK
  Scott Ford Musical Director a Yorkshireman
  Vocalists all from the UK's North
  Haley Victoria Leeson
  Jessica Aziza Ayaven
  Charlotte France
  Filming Richard Weaver
  Voiceover and Link Jane ledsom Actor Vocalist and Musician
  Shane Aurousseau Photographic Stills promotion
  Song Writers Carmi Latham -Last Night, and Valeri Simpson - I've got a Man.
Immy Stanley - Dancing Lights

Listen to Immy Stanley’s first single, available on i-tunes from 2nd March 2018.

Catalog No HALOCD201.

From open mic night to studio daytime is the journey Immy has taken with Halo UK Records. Determined to find local talent from his home town rather than London Mike Karl has written and produced a great song for Immy Stanley’s debut single.

With music production from Steve and Darren Loveday, the story is one of a young girl away from home in a strange town at Uni suddenly realizing that the night life of clubs and all that goes with it is not really her and she wants to be home where she can embrace the lifestyle she prefers. The night life lights act on her like a message and she gets it.

Following in a long line of Halo UK Records hits, this single signals a return by Halo to producing music that is The Label and all it stands for and like Craine, Mike Harrison and Kinch before, this one won’t disappoint.

Hope you enjoy it.

Listen to Mike Karl and Lara Spencer's new single:


Released on iTunes 11/06/2016
Catalogue No. HALOCD101.

A meaningful song with a memorable hook paying tribute to the thousands of young men who over the centuries have perished in conflict and will continue to do so from now to eternity.

The subject of the song is a young confederate soldier from the American Civil War and was inspired by the many films and documentaries on the Civil War and its carnage.

Written by Mike Karl who up until now is known for producing 2 Indie top Ten Singles for Sheffield Band Craine and Leeds Band Kinch and more recently the brilliant solo album Late Starter for ex Spooky Tooth front man, Mike Harrison and sung by him with American singer Lara Spencer, the song continues a long line of folk/rock from the UK from Fairport Convention/Steel Eye Span and from the USA from Arlo Guthrie, Steve Goodman and J D Loudermilk with whom Lara Spencer shares her maiden name.

This is Mike Karl and Lara Spencer’s second single following on from For all of Your Miles which gave rise to the idea that natural music played simply with an audible message still has its place in the music world as does the return of vinyl as an alternative to computer generated mixes and sounds and the endless stream of lyrics about anxt and broken hearts.

Produced by Steve Loveday (Ex Medicine Hat) these are great songs with real meaning and need to be heard.


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