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Jane, the singer/actress, was about to release her debut single and album but, we decided to delay her career launch in order to release "30 Down To Zero" to help Luton Football Club, also known as The Hatters. As a request from Jane herself, as a loyal Luton Town supporter, we are donating all profits from the single to the Club.


The CD entitled, "30 Down To Zero (Here Come The Hatters) recorded by Jane Ledsom and The Shouty Boys, is about Luton's challenge to recover 30 league points this season and calls upon the team and its fans to unite and fight to claw back the loss. Jane said, "We need everyone to get behind this; play it, buy it, talk about it, and hopefully love it. I'm really hoping it will give the team and our great fans a much needed boost of morale to eat away at the deficit we currently have and show the rest of the footballing world that Hatters will never give up that easily."


The Shouty Boys, a small collection of Hatters terrace boys, aren't exactly Luton's answer to Boyzone but they are no less effective as backing vocalists on this stirring number, which has been endorsed by Nick Owen, Mick Harford, Kevin Nicholls and even Happy Harry. Starting at tomorrow's Notts County match, "30 Down to Zero" will be aired at every Luton match this season until we are safe.


Of the single, Gary Sweet, MD of Luton Town said, "Everyone at the Club have been so impressed and flattered by the reaction of our supporters, none more so than this fabulous gesture from Jane, Halo and her Shouty Boys. I was honored to be asked to actually be a Shouty Boy at the recording but had prior commitments. Although it's something I'd love to have done I think the single is fantastic and doesn't deserve to be spoilt by my involvement."


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