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Julie Kember is a dreamer

She sees her music to explain how she is feeling,"I write with honesty and raw type emotion,"she says. "Hopefully it captures a realness that everyone can relate to."

Kember is no overnight success and she's definitely done the hard yards, from outback Western Australia, to buskin in the streets of Tamworth and London, laying down tracks in a studio in Taiwan and now, finally, Sydney.

Kember is set on getting her music out there. It's been a long time coming and she's had plenty to say with her debut album - 'Sugar & Stone' and new UK single release 'Queen of the Sky' on Halo Records release 24/12/2012.

Kember grew up in the small Western Australian mining town of Eneabba-population 1000. She was given her first guitar as a young kid, strumming her first chords to American folk classic, 'The House of the Rising Sun' before moving onto songs like 'Summertime. Kember was always the outgoing one at school, describing herself as "'The big voice". "Plays, musicals anything that needed projection, I was in there there".

But At home, in her more reflective moments, Kember developed a knack for writing poetry. Her poetry has formed the foundation for some of her best songs and even earned the talented singer/songwriter a young Australian of the year title for creative writing.

She is also a talented artist, with her original works showcased in the art for "Sugar & Stone" Art really makes me up as a person, I can't imagine life without it" she explains. Kember scored her first paid gig at the age of 19, fronting a WA band called Shut Up and Kiss me.

That was was where she cut her teeth as a performer, learning about life on the road, about setting up gear and loading trucks," Singing covers was a great experience, it allowed me to pay my bills, travel, penning my own songs along the way."

After a string of stints in covers bands-all the while working on her own material-Kember auditioned for reality TV show Pop Stars. She made it to the final 15; with such a unique voice judges encouraged her to pursue a solo career. "I was quite young and naive back then, I could sing but I couldn't dance." she laughs.

It was after Pop Stars that Kember traveled to Taiwan for a six month working holiday, it was there that she recorded her demo CD... After returning to Australia she moved to Sydney seeking management ,achieving this she has since been living her dream, playing gigs around Sydney, Australia, recording and working on her album "Sugar & Stone".

Like most artists Kember, isn't keen on being pigeon-holed in any particular genre. If forced to define her style, It would be classified as "acoustic pop/rock" with a touch of folk. "Writing for me is a way to express how I feel." "I am an emotional composer" My songs paint a picture of my Life's experiences and the loves and losses I have had along the way.

Julie's first single "Crazy" made #2 on the in die charts and with a killer second single "Strongest Girl in the World" in her pocket mixed by the legendary L. A. based Mark Needham (Fleet Wood Mac, The Killers, Veronicas) receiving national airplay and international T. V. coverage, Kember had recently returned from an international tour, supporting the Troops with her debut album "Sugar & Stone" winch was amazing and lyrically powerful body of work, collaboration produced by DNA Ian Pritchard (Beautiful Girl & Angus and Julie Stone) and Lyndsay Gravina (Magic Dirt, Living Earth).

Julie Kember 'Queen of the Sky' released 24/9/2012

All the way from a night in the cells at Heathrow and being expelled from the UK, to coming back to write amazingly haunting music for the sound track of 'The Tragedy of Macbeth' which previewed in London March 2012 and will no doubt only go on to further enhance her reputation as one of the greatest Australian singer/songwriters who have come to the UK to prove a point. Her first single was written on her forced return journey to Australia and reflects her defiant mood whilst reaching out to those responsible. Kember has finally found success with her natural style. A folk singer with soul and words inspired by true emotions, Kember's new single 'QUEEN OF THE SKY' talks about a woman with a dream to fulfill and isn't afraid to travel half way round the world to achieve it. Kember's magical lyrics embody strength and independence along with an intermingling sense of soul that resonates with everyone.

"When my songs touch the hearts of others, I am Happy" Julie says

Julie ability to continuously song-write and produce inspiring music has bought her the right kind of attention to industry.




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